We help to people live longer,healthier and happier lives
We help to people live longer,healthier and happier lives

About Us

Herbs Herencia

Company Overview

Born in a remote area ofthe magnificent tropical island of Sri Lanka, Ms. Sumangala grew up surrounded by the natural flavours of her native country. The potential of agricultural engagements in the area has been shown by the early routines ofthe spouse, Mr. Atthanayaka, who has interacted with the neighbourhood as a collector of agricultural commodities.

By founding the Sehani Desheeya Ousadha in the late 1990s with the creative techniques of processing the locally gathered agricultural commodities and trading in bulk form, Ms. Sumangala has professionally overcome her childhood aspirations. With the help of more than 3000 local small and micro farmers, the tiny business expanded to a huge size in 2017.

SDO has accomplished a number of milestones while realizing the aspirations of underprivileged communities, ultimately winning the title of best entrepreneur in the province of Uva of Sri Lanka in 2022.

Manufacturing and value adding entity of Sri Lankan herbals and authentic spices
Brand with guaranteed quality and ensured results


Be a Leading Natural Product Manufacturer in Sri Lanka while passing full benefits of authentic Sri Lankan herbals and spices to the world


We are committed to a healthier world while ensuring livelihood developments and equal opportunities for our invaluable supply chains. Our foremost expectation is entertaining our clients by providing quality guaranteed and result-oriented pure Sri Lankan herbs and spices.


“ Herbs Herencia is open for diversified product manufacturing on the requests of existing and new customers. “

– A.M AththanayakeFounder/CEO

Our Specialties

  • Value driven company with baseline concepts of People, Planet and Incomes
  • Over two-decade experience in herbal and spice value addition
  • Modern processing facilities with state of art technology
  • Over 3000 supply chains for continuous supplies
  • Guaranteed quality with ISO 22000 protocols
  • Diversified and unique product range
  • Exclusive commitments
  • Well-Trained Staff